McCarter Design

McCarter Design is a full-service branding & design communications firm specializing in creative, results-driven solutions. Our purpose is three-fold: Define who you are, Create effective design experiences and work as a Partnership. We have found that great relationships infuse everyone with trust, goodwill and, simply, great days at the office realizing a common goal.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of a shared challenge and a shared success. We value mutual respect and collaboration— and our long-term client and vendor relationships are a testiment to the success of this philosophy. We seek quality, relevance and beauty in everything we touch. We consider your resources and time as if they were our own. Our successes are built on the back of 30+ years of experience in the design and strategy business. We also believe in intuition. We understand human nature and fold this into our concepts. We think the most effective design solutions are honest, personal and wonderfully unexpected.

Why is Branding Important?

A well-conceived and tailored brand is an investment in a company’s success. It makes engaging a pleasure, as it eases communication of ideas. It tells people who you are in the blink of an eye. The right combination of color, image and typography instantly expresses the character of a company. Colorful and modern. Sophisticated and classic. Progressive and glib. Personal and witty. The first glimpse of a brand is the first handshake— the first impression. From there, we read. The tone of the copy enhances the personality set up in the visual brand. Messaging. Information. Once our visitor has found what they are looking for— a phone number, a name, a list of capabilities— they will have a strong sense of who you are. It happens in a second. An accurate and powerful brand delivers you into the hands of your audience effortlessly. It instantly speaks of your candor or polish or humor or environmentalism or wit. It begins your story and invites dialogue with your audience.

The smart companies get this. Once they have invested in their initial brand launch, they see that each bit of branded communication strengthens their presence. Social media post. PowerPoint deck. No touch point is unimportant. And then, when the industry landscape shifts. Or the company matures in a new direction. Or plainly, it no longer feels differentiated. The brand should shift. Evolve. Grow. Reflect change. Smart branding is a fluid process.

Our Passion

An account of the firm would be incomplete without mention of passion. While there is a place for methodical research, steady accountability and out of the box thinking, it’s passion that pushes the work to another level. We are energetic, optimistic, hungry to fully embrace the challenges and find the solutions that stand apart. It carries us when obstacles present themselves. It fires up the creative and keeps the process exciting. No matter how small or large the project. We are “all in”.

Our Process

1 Discover & Assess

It begins with immersion. A holistic understanding of your firm, your audiences, the industry landscape. We audit your communications and interview key stakeholders. We audit your competitors and identify what sets you apart. Additional research can include focus groups and workshops to gain deeper insight. We assess the logistics of how the brand will be maintained, so solutions fit practically within your capabilities.

2 Question & Strategize

What’s your secret sauce? Your differentiator? What are your practical challenges? Your goals? We encourage an open exchange around the challenges at hand and set it in context. Brainstorming and spirited debate bring us to a common understanding and shared set of goals. Positioning and messaging become clear.

3 Creative Development

The magic happens here. Visualizing the message and character of your company through a conceptual lens. We give shape to ideas through image, color, fonts and format. We strive to connect at a human level. Presentations are just plain fun. Your feedback helps us refine and strengthen the final experience.

4 Execution & Production

Making it real. Execution. Extending the concepts to all facets of communications. Imagery is developed, copy is written, websites are coded, each piece evolves into reality—in line with budgets and timeframes. The purr of production.

5 Deliver & Manage

Following a thoughtful launch, guidelines are written and formalized, templates are executed, and internal brand training ensures a collective work flow and critical consistency. Over time, the company and market landscapes are revisited and brand evolution is assessed. The process is fluid.

Our Capabilities